General Rules

Forest Crime

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  1. The "Forest Crime" website aims to publicize the campaign for the end of illegal logging in the Amazon. The "Forest Crime” game also aims to collect signatures, create interaction between website users, and promote the campaign in online channels.
  2. It is not necessary to buy any products or donate any amount of money to participate in this platform.
  3. To participate, the interested party need only access the website and fill out the petition form.


  1. The period of participation in the platform starts at 2 PM on 3/21/2018 and ends at 11:59 PM on 06/31/2018 (Brasilia time).


  1. During the period of participation, the ranking and the scores defined in Table I will be considered to determine the winners of this game and for passing the phases.
  2. In cases of fraud or evidence of fraud, Greenpeace will evaluate the results achieved by the participants and will determine the winners at its sole discretion.
  3. Among the activities planned for the accumulation of points are those described in Tables I and II

Table I: Tasks

Tasks will help the user discover the signs of irregularities in the management plans. The higher the number of clues found, the higher the number of points earned within the assessment of that management plan.

Activity Description


Identify exploitation areas outside the area delimited by the management plan

10 (ten) points

Identify the exploitation areas within Indigenous Lands (within a 50 km radius of the management plan)

15 (fifteen) points

Identify the exploitation areas within Full Service and Sustainable Management Protected Areas (within a 50 km radius of the management plan)

15 (fifteen) points

Classify the density indices of any of the three species: Tabebuia, Manilkara or Brazilian Copal



“Very high”

30 (thirty) points



25 (twenty-five) points



5 (five) points

Complete the investigation and file an irregularities report with the Department of the Environment and the Public Attorney's Office.

40 (forty) points

Table II: Extra points

Activity Description


Invite a friend to join the game

15 (fifteen) points

Answer the quiz correctly for each level

80 (eighty) points

 Share on Facebook

 10 (ten) points

Share on Twitter

10 (ten) points

Share the alert

10 (ten) points



  1. During the game, participants can earn "badges" (illustrations) for completing tasks and passing phases. Each badge can also give participants more bonus points.

 Table IV: Badges

Activity Description


Bonus Score

Complete profile information

Birth Certificate

10 (ten) points

Answer 1 quiz correctly


15 (fifteen) points

Answer 5 quizzes correctly


30 (thirty) points

Answer 10 quizzes correctly

King Kong

50 (fifty) points

Detect frauds in Ipe density in 10 management plans

Ipe Tree

50 (fifty) points

Detect frauds in Manilkara density in 10 management plans

Massaranduba Tree

50 (fifty) points

Detect frauds in Brazilian Copal density in 10 management plans

Brazilian Copal

50 (fifty) points

Share the platform more than 5 times

Açaí Palm

20 (twenty) points

Share the platform more than 10 times

Moriche Palm

40 (forty) points

Share the platform more than 25 times

Cupuaçu Tree

60 (sixty) points

Sent an alert about 5 frauds


10 (ten) points

Sent an alert about 10 frauds


15 (fifteen) points

Sent an alert about 20 frauds


20 (twenty) points

Sent an alert about 40 frauds

Eagle Eye

30 (thirty) points

Sent an alert about 60 frauds


40 (forty) points

Sent an alert about 90 frauds


50 (fifty) points


    1.       The participant may proceed to the next level according to a minimum amount of points obtained through the game, as noted in the table below:

    Table V: Levels



    Minimum score



    Finish the tutorial



    100 (one hundred) points



    250 points



    500 points



    1000 points



    2000 points


    Young plant

    3000 points



    4000 points



    5000 points



    8000 points


    1. The ranking displayed on the site is determined by the level attained by the participant and total accumulated points. The participant who is at the most advanced level and with the highest number of accumulated points will be the first place in the ranking; the participant who is at the most advanced level and with the second highest number of points will be the second place; and so on.
    2. Greenpeace declares that it complies with Facebook's guidelines for promotions and competitions called “Promotions Guidelines” ( and thus states that: 1. Facebook is not responsible for any aspect of this site, including participant data provided directly to Greenpeace upon completing the registration form available at; 2. Facebook does not sponsor, support or execute this site; and 3. Those interested in participating in this platform will make their information available to Greenpeace and not to Facebook.
    3. Greenpeace meets the guidelines of Twitter, Google Plus and Windows Live, as well as Facebook, on integration via API ("Application Programming Interface"), which provides access to the Forest Crime site.
    4. Evidence of fraud and/or proven fraud identified by Greenpeace will result in the exclusion of the profile of the participant responsible.
    5. All participants declare that they will only provide truthful and correct information about themselves, which can be confirmed, and that they have not used any ploy, such as but not limited to the use of third-party information, use of fake profiles created on Facebook or any social network, inaccurate or incomplete information that intentionally aims to circumvent the rules of participation in this cultural contest and that may constitute crime of ideological or documentary falsehood, and declare to being aware that they may respond administratively, civilly or criminally for the acts perpetrated.
    6. Considering that the participants may request the support of their friends to gain points on this site and, considering that such points may or may not determine the winners of the game, it is hereby established that 1. Greenpeace prohibits the collection of votes by artificial means, such as, but not limited to, the use of applications and/or software that disseminate information in a massive, intermittent or continuous way; and 2. The unauthorized sending of email messages that have or may have the potential to characterize “spam”;


    1. The disqualification of the participants will occur in the following cases: 1. Divergence between the information disclosed by the user when filling out the registration and those verified in the documents forwarded; 2. Suspected fraud.
    2. The disqualification contemplated in sub-item “N” of item 6 above may occur if fraud, attempted fraud, use of false or erroneous documents and/or information are detected, among other acts perpetrated by the participants in order to circumvent the rules of participation in this game, which jeopardize the objectives pursued by Greenpeace and the proper participation of other participants, under the terms of item 5.G of these General Rules.


    1. Participants of this website authorize Greenpeace, for all legal purposes, to use their images and/or voice, with or without mention of their names, provided as a result of participating in this site, free of charge, in general and in an irrevocable manner, covering the use of the images and/or voice, especially on the internet, by means of its total or partial presentation, securing Greenpeace with all rights of full use of the images and/or voice, linked or not to any testimony, for the term of 12 months from the date of commencement, by any physical, electronic or virtual means, printed, distributed or transmitted on the media that Greenpeace deems appropriate, without any limitations on editions and copies, especially magazines, newspaper, television, website, blogs, social networks, DVD, CD-ROM, brochure, flyer, banner, for dissemination purposes of the site
    2. Greenpeace shall not be liable for any technical or other difficulties affecting the use of and access to the site as a result of actions by the participant, which may impair the participation of the interested party, such as, but not limited to, the occurrence of loss of connection to the internet, failure to communicate and transmit data, among other hardware, software, electronic equipment or other difficulties that may prevent and/or temporarily hamper access to the site and/or participation. In addition, Greenpeace shall not be liable for incidents relating to the exclusive fault of third parties, such as, but not limited to, unauthorized access to the registration of participants, crimes against privacy, morality, dissemination of offensive material, espionage, scams, sabotage in computer science, electronic and virtual fraud, hackers and viruses.
    3. These General Rules will be available at
    4. Participation in this cultural contest characterizes, in itself, the acceptance by the users of all the terms and conditions established in the regulation.