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Sign the petition to end illegal logging, get in the game, and help investigate licensing system frauds that destroy the Amazon!


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See who is rampaging in the game and discovering more frauds!

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The most suspicious

See here the ranking of the management plans with more frauds identified by the forest detectives! Join the game and help us get rid of illegal timber.

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We have been in Brazil for 25 years confronting illegal deforestation in the Amazon.

We have been in Brazil for 25 years confronting illegal deforestation in the Amazon.

Join us
Help us continue to protect our forests and all of their biodiversity.

Help us continue to protect our forests and all of their biodiversity.

Join us
Join the group of supporters and help build a better future!

Join the group of supporters and help build a better future!

Join us


What is the role of the Brazilian government?

The federal government and the governments of the Amazonian states that produce timber play a central role in fighting the illegal market, since it is through public control and inspection actions that the problem is solved. It is necessary to increase the capacity for action of state and federal environmental agencies, through improvements in infrastructure and investment in monitoring and inspection, in addition to applying the appropriate penalties for those convicted of forest crimes;

The licensing process of management plans, in turn, should be thoroughly reviewed as well as plans with indications of fraud, and forest credit control systems should be integrated, transparent and accessible. But the government can do even more: it can change its view on the Amazon and prioritize the development and implementation of a plan that actually promotes community forest management. But for this to happen, we must put pressure on them. The future depends on the actions of today.

What is the relationship between the Stop Illegal Logging and Zero Deforestation campaigns?

Deforestation does not happen overnight. It is a process that can take months or years and often starts with the illegal removal of timber from preserved forests. The activity can serve as a source of money to finance total deforestation, so it is often said that illegal logging is the gateway to deforestation.

Once the most valuable trees are harvested, it is common to use fire and big chains (a very wide and long chain attached to two tractors that knock down all the trees that may have resisted illegal logging and fire) to “clear” the areas, which will later be converted to pasture for livestock, agriculture or even land speculation/grabbing.

Without illegal loggers, illegal logging would be more difficult, as those who cause deforestation would not have access to new areas (without roads opened in the forests) and it would also be more expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, the fight against illegal logging is the first step in preventing the total destruction of the Amazon.

In the Zero Deforestation bill, submitted to the National Congress in October 2015, Greenpeace recognizes that it is possible to have forest management, provided that it is executed in a legal and low-impact manner. The activity, if adequately controlled and supervised, could even be a viable income solution for traditional communities and forest peoples through community management.

However, in the way that the licensing of the Forest Management Plans (FMP) in the state of Pará is being done now, it is impossible to know if the timber from the Amazon, which is being consumed in Brazil and abroad, is contaminated with wood extracted illegally.

What is the game about?

The “Forest Crime” game is an unconventional platform, proposed by Greenpeace, to encourage social control over the Amazon. Through the platform, you can identify, from the comfort of your home, fraud and evidence of illegal logging, alert the competent bodies, and demand the conservation of the country's forests.

Today, illegal logging has a devastating impact on the forest and on the lives of those who depend on it. But instead of serving as a reliable source to attest to the origin of timber, Brazilian licensing and control systems have been systematically rigged, allowing the illegal product to be “laundered” and mixed with the legal ones, contaminating the entire market.

In many cases, the fraud starts back there, in the first phase of the process: the request for a Forest Management Plan. For the fraud to occur, "ghost trees" are created – which do not really exist, except on paper. This document is an authorization allowing the extraction of a specific amount of timber. As these trees do not exist on site, this “credit” allows the timber to be stolen from other locations, such as unlicensed public forests within Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands and sold legally.

Hidden beneath the canopy of trees, degradation creeps silently through the forest, via open roads built to steal the most valuable species of wood, destroying everything along the way: biodiversity, the life of the forest people and all their culture and customs. Degradation and roads open the doors to deforestation and land grabbing, making the forest more vulnerable to fires and undermining its ability to fight climate change.

Governments and businesses can avoid this disaster by investigating and creating better and more transparent licensing and timber control systems.

And now you can help pressure them by showing that you can also perform this control and identify signs of fraud and potential risk. By participating in the game, you help protect the Amazon rainforest, Brazil’s largest environmental asset, and the lives of future generations.

Why join the Forest Crime game?

Help save the forests of Brazil with the help of your friends, from your computer! It is a way of exercising citizenship.

Are you in favor of illegal logging in the Amazon? No? Neither are we! In addition to causing deforestation, illegal logging also impacts rural, traditional and indigenous populations, who suffer from being driven from their lands and endure death threats and killings.

Saving the forests is more than a desire for Brazilian people – it is a right. Now you can also help exercise control over logging and identify fraud in the system. This way, we will put pressure on the government and alert enforcement agencies to prevent this fraud from continuing.

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